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SBAY.ORG - The South Bay/Silicon Valley Community Network

Twitter updates as of Sun 22-Jan-2012 19:22:05 PST is a non-profit organization promoting technical and social forums in Silicon Valley for electronic communications hobbyists and professionals, with emphasis on Open Source Software. Among numerous volunteer activities, our community includes the annual "Picn*x" Linux anniversary picnic, the Stratofox Aerospace Tracking Team, and the Silicon Valley Wireless Users & Experimenters (SVWUX).

See the SBAY Social mail list for info on social events, or to suggest one.

SBAY.ORG has always had various kinds of technical forums and now also serves as the non-profit parent/umbrella organization for several Silicon Valley technical organizations.

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SBAY Non-profit Corporation Info

For more info see the corporate info site and the SBAY Wiki.

See the "SBAY Networked Meeting Procedures" e-book, our effort to define modern productive meeting procedures which include in-person and electronically networked attendees. You can adopt them for your own organization. And you're welcome to help us continue to develop them.

The "SBAY Networked Meeting Procedures" could also be thought of as the "SBAY Networked Rules of Order". It describes how we hold meetings online. We don't need everyone in the same room to hold meetings. We take advantage of the Internet. One of the other main points is to do away with those 19th Century or older terms from Robert's Rules of Order. We've added consensus building to the process rather than fighting over what motions to make.

SBAY Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

These Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are technical clubs or projects organized under the umbrella of the SBAY community's 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

Established SIGs

Linux Picnic
an annual picnic and celebration among the Open Source Software Community held on or near the anniversary of the Aug 25, 1991 original open-sourcing of the Linux Kernel.
Silicon Valley Wireless Users & eXperimenters (SVWUX)
a group of radio and wireless networking experimenters working on public-benefit projects such as the Santa Clara Emergency Wireless Network (SCEWN).
Stratofox Aerospace Tracking & Recovery Team
a volunteer team which assists in tracking and recovery of high altitiude rockets and balloons.

Organizing SIGs

geospatial-oriented Open Source software maintenance, originally for Stratofox and SVWUX but may pursue directions of its own
a web site and software which allow practice of FCC Amateur Radio exams based on the public question pool.
Silicon Valley Perl (SVPerl)
the Silicon Valley chapter of the international Perl Mongers, consisting of professional and hobbyist Perl programmers.

South Bay Community Network, Inc. - a 501(c)3 non-profit California corporation