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SBAY Geek Ride

The next SBAY Geek Ride is Wednesday, March 25, 2015 at 3PM

The SBAY Geek Ride started in August 2001 as a monthly bicycle ride event (weather permitting) held from March to October. The event has been discontinued indefinitely after most of the core participants moved out of town within a few months of each other in late 2002. Discussions should be held on the if anyone wants to coordinate the event and re-start it.

Previous information about the Geek Ride... (This is all up for discussion.)

It takes place on the Sunday 8 days after the monthly SBAY Pizza meetings at 3 or 4PM. So you can determine the date as the Sunday following the 4th Saturday of the month. (On months starting on a Sunday, it's the 5th Sunday of the month. Otherwise it's the 4th Sunday.) If that's too much to figure out, make a point of checking the calendar here. ;-) Note that the date may change each month due to mitigating circumstances, so you may want to check here anyways to make sure the day, time, and location are what you expect.

Routes and starting points may vary each month. But they can be found on the sbay.general newsgroup and at

This is meant as a social/recreational event among participants, their friends and others with similar technical interests. For serious bikers there are more appropriate club rides and events in the area.

Discussion about the SBAY Geek Ride can be found on the SBAY Social mail list at

On this page...

Getting to the Geek Ride by Light Rail

The general format for these rides is to begin from a VTA light rail station. That allows some participants to leave the car at home if they live within a few miles of a light rail station, and take their bikes on the light rail.

VTA Light Rail runs on 15-minute intervals on Sunday afternoons. Note that VTA allows 6 bicycles per light rail vehicle (trolley) and 2-4 bikes per bus, depending on passenger load. Trolleys may be at or near capacity for bikes going through downtown San Jose, even on Sunday afternoons. If you board a trolley in downtown, plan your trip to the rendezvous point to allow missing a trolley if it's full.

SBAY Geek Ride Schedule

Sunday, April 26th 2015, 3PM
Sunday, May 24th 2015, 3PM
Sunday, June 28th 2015, 3PM
Sunday, July 26th 2015, 3PM
Sunday, August 23rd 2015, 3PM

Past SBAY Geek Rides

Sunday, August 27th 2000, 3PM (first SBAY Geek Ride)
Sunday, September 24th 2000, 3PM
Sunday, October 29th 2000, 3PM Standard Time
Sunday, March 25th 2001, 3PM Standard Time
Sunday, April 29th 2001, 3PM
Sunday, May 20th 2001, 3PM (note non-standard day)
Sunday, June 24th 2001, 3PM
Sunday, July 29th 2001, 4PM (note later time)
Sunday, August 26th 2001, 4PM (note later time)
Sunday, September 23rd 2001, 3PM
Sunday, October 28th 2001, 3PM
Sunday, March 24th 2002, 3PM
Sunday, April 28th 2002, 3PM
Sunday, May 26th 2002, 3PM Standard Time (note Memorial Day weekend)
Sunday, June 23rd 2002, 3PM
Sunday, July 28th 2002, 4PM (later start time to avoid Summer heat)
Sunday, August 25th 2002, 3PM (time changed back to 3PM to accomodate evening SVLUG event)
Sunday, September 29th 2002, 3PM
Sunday, October 27th 2002, 3PM
Sunday, March 23rd 2003, 3PM
Sunday, April 27th 2003, 3PM
Sunday, May 25th 2003, 3PM
Sunday, June 29th 2003, 4PM (Summer start time is one hour later at 4PM)
Sunday, July 27th 2003, 4PM (Summer start time is one hour later at 4PM)
Sunday, August 24th 2003, 4PM (Summer start time is one hour later at 4PM)
Sunday, September 28th 2003, 3PM
Sunday, October 26th 2003, 3PM
Sunday, March 28th 2004, 3PM
Sunday, April 25th 2004, 3PM
Sunday, May 23rd 2004, 3PM
Sunday, June 27th 2004, 4PM (Summer start time is one hour later at 4PM)
Sunday, July 25th 2004, 4PM (Summer start time is one hour later at 4PM)
Sunday, August 29th 2004, 4PM (Summer start time is one hour later at 4PM)
Sunday, September 26th 2004, 3PM

Local Cycling Info

"Bikes on Transit" info at the Valley Transportation Authority (VTA)
"Bicycling Safety" at Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition (SVBC)
"Bicycling Rules and Safety" at California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)
"Bay Area Biking" by Ron Horii
Almaden Cycle Touring Club (South Bay Area bike rides)

Cycling Tips

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