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The sbay.* Newsgroups

Table of Contents

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Charter of the sbay.* Newsgroup Hierarchy

The sbay.* newsgroups are for local discussion in and about the South Bay/Silicon Valley Area. Articles in all sbay.* newsgroups must be at least partly specific to the South Bay Area.

The list of newsgroup topics follows after the introduction.


The sbay.* newsgroup hierarchy is a regional hierachy serving the Silicon Valley/South Bay Area. "South Bay Area" refers to the southern San Francisco Bay Area, specifically including Santa Clara and Santa Cruz Counties along with southern Alameda County.

We realize there may be other areas which refer to themselves as "South Bay". This newsgroup hierarchy applies to Silicon Valley in the southern portion of the San Francisco Bay Area. For example, readers in the southern Santa Monica Bay area should be aware that their regional hierarchy is la.* (for Los Angeles).

It isn't a coincidence that the community network has a nearly identical name to the newsgroups. Some of the same people started both the sbay.* newsgroups and And today the same people are involved in coordinating both of them. But and the sbay.* newsgroups aren't the same thing - any news site in the South Bay Area or any news site which carries multiple regional news hierarchies is welcome to carry the sbay.* newsgroups. (Actually, the sbay.* newsgroups have a wide distribution now that all major online providers and ISPs carry them, usually because they have customers in or from the South Bay.)

sbay.* Newsgroup List

These are the original sbay newsgroups (minus superseded ones) dating back to 1992.		Items for sale in the South Bay (local articles only).
sbay.hams		South Bay amateur radio related news and events.
sbay.test		Testing area for South Bay sites.
The following newsgroups were added in February 1994:
sbay.general		Miscellaneous topics specific to the South Bay.
sbay.linux		Linux topics specific to the South Bay.
sbay.sports		South Bay sports.
The following newsgroups were added in May 1995:	South Bay connectivity and maps.		South Bay newsgroup meta-discussion.		South Bay automated statistics and site info.
The following newsgroups were added in December 2000:          K-12, college and other training in the South Bay.             Medical/dental/etc health care and services in the South Bay.
sbay.housing            Rentals, sales, roommates and other residential issues in the South Bay.
sbay.networking         Networking technical projects and development in the South Bay.
sbay.politics           Local politics in the South Bay.
sbay.transportation     Transit, road, bicycle, pedestrian and air transportation in the South Bay.
The following newsgroups are obsolete:
sbay.groups	superseded by in May 1995 reorg	superseded by sbay.general in Feb 1994 reorg
sbay.waffle     removed, superseded by sbay.general in Dec 2000 reorg
Please encourage sites carrying obsolete newsgroups to alias them to the current newsgroup names. Sometimes all they need is an e-mail reminder.
Updated January 21, 2012