Former Location of comp.mail.smail Frequently-Asked Questions

This Service Has Been Discontinued no longer encourages new installations of smail. We strongly recommend using Exim instead of smail for new mail server installations. The few sites which still use smail are all on a migration path away from it. Due to its permeability for unwanted mail relays, all remaining smail installations in our domain are kept behind firewalls until they can be completely decommissioned.

We removed all of our own links to the comp.mail.smail FAQ page in early 1998 when we decided not to support smail any longer. Smail's momentum continued to drop away as it fell further behind the times. It is now's official position that smail is dead. So to make our Exim recommendation stronger, we withdrew the smail FAQ in January 2000. We considered two years to be adequate warning that the page was going away.

Please remove any links to this page. It is not coming back.

(Since people have not been removing the links to this page, the five bits of info we left as a courtesy were removed in September 2000.)