The SBAY Wireless Network
What is SBAY.ORG?

A Group of Communications Hobbyists
This was started by a group of mostly BBS sysops in 1993 with a little Internet expertise. Other communications expertise was added as the group evolved, including Amateur Radio, Internet servers, telephony systems and broadcast radio.
A Social Group
We meet over pizza every 3rd Saturday of the month to discuss everything that's up in various communications. We're also starting a monthly "SBAY Geek Ride" recreational cycling event which inaugurates this month.
A Domain Park
For people who are able to responsibly run their own machines on the Internet, we can give them a host name in sbay.org. Some people prefer this over registering their own domain because it's free. But others join just because sbay.org has a "cool" reputation.
Wireless Experimenters
Some of us are constructing and experimenting with the SBAY Wireless Network.
Maintainers of the sbay.* Newsgroups
We do the technical maintenance to keep up the South Bay's "sbay" newsgroups, including spam cancels and complaints to spammers' ISPs. The newsgroups are sbay.forsale, sbay.general, sbay.hams, sbay.linux, sbay.news.config, sbay.news.group, sbay.news.stats, sbay.sports, sbay.test and sbay.waffle.
Internet bandwidth is not free. If you want to be directly Net-connected, you must obtain and pay for your own connection. The network is only capable of what its volunteers are willing to provide for free.
August 2000 West Valley Amateur Radio Association Meeting
Presented by Dave Zarzycki KF6ZSS and Ian Kluft KO6YQ
August 16, 2000