The SBAY Wireless Network
Where Are the SBAY Wireless Repeaters?

Montebello Ridge (Cupertino)
Operational since December 1999. The transceiver is a Breezecom 802.11 FHSS radio capable of 2mbps on standard 802.11 and 3mbps on a non-standard extension for other Breezecom radios.

This repeater is owned by Dave KF6ZSS. The site is the Amateur Radio repeater owned by Sean Fitzharris KE6MOW. Elevation 1900'.

Blackberry Hill (Los Gatos)
This is still waiting for parts that have not arrived. The transceiver will be a Cisco/Aironet 802.11b DSSS radio capable of 11mbps on standard 802.11b.

This repeater is owned by Ian KO6YQ. The site is owned by sbay.org participant John Higdon. Elevation 1900'.

Future site: East Side Foothills
We're looking for an additional site in the east side foothills. Once Blackberry Hill is up, coverage will be very good in the West Valley area. But it'll still be a long stretch from the east side.
August 2000 West Valley Amateur Radio Association Meeting
Presented by Dave Zarzycki KF6ZSS and Ian Kluft KO6YQ
August 16, 2000